My Quartier des Spectacles Interview


I love working in the Quartier des Spectacles! With the Belgo building just a stone’s throw away from Place-des-arts, I can hear the rhythms of the Francofolies and the Jazz Fest waft through my open studio window. There is always a public artwork installed in my neighbourhood, be it the Sphères Polaires or the 21 Swings. It’s great to be surrounded by art!

So when I was invited to give an interview for the Quartier des Spectacle’s blog NUM@QDS_TML I was chuffed. Marie-Pierre Bouchard quizzed me on my views regarding digital arts, inspiration, the future of art and technology, and Montreal in general. They were some of the most interesting questions I’ve been asked during an interview. The interview is up on their blog now (en français) at

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