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  • ArtLab Presentation: Artists Accessing the Art Market

    ArtLab Presentation: Artists Accessing the Art Market

    I had the pleasure of giving a talk at ArtLab yesterday, titled Artists Accessing the Art Market. The presentation was aimed at artists who want to boost their presence in the art market and included tips on social media marketing, portfolio submissions, trends in the art market, and a survey of exhibition opportunities. Sadly the […]

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  • Book Spine Poetry

    Book Spine Poetry

    I can’t remember when I came across this idea – it may have been something I saw during the month of April, which is National Poetry Month. It’s so simple, it’s brilliant: stack books in such a way that the book spines read like a poem. Soon I started pulling books from my shelves, creating […]

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  • I Have My Own ISBN Number!

    I Have My Own ISBN Number!

    It’s official: I’m now a published author. After writing The Belgo Report for three years I realized that I had – quite by accident – written a book. Well, kind of a book. It’s all online, quite ephemeral, a weekly cascade of art reviews flowing across the computer screen. But after receiving so many positive […]

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  • My Quartier des Spectacles Interview

    My Quartier des Spectacles Interview

    I love working in the Quartier des Spectacles! With the Belgo building just a stone’s throw away from Place-des-arts, I can hear the rhythms of the Francofolies and the Jazz Fest waft through my open studio window. There is always a public artwork installed in my neighbourhood, be it the Sphères Polaires or the 21 […]

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  • One Random Year: March (short version)

    One Random Year: March (short version)

    One Random Year continues… I’ve just uploaded the video summarizing the month of March. Also, you’ll notice that I’ve change my blog’s format. I just don’t have that much time to write anymore, so for the moment I’ll focus on images and short notes, just so I can share anything interesting which comes up in […]

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  • One Random Year – January (Short Version)

    One Random Year – January (Short Version)

    Well, it’s up: the short version of the One Random Year, month of January is now available on YouTube. httpv:// For this YouTube version every day in January has been cut down to a 5 second video clip instead of the full minute which can be seen in the final version. Some segments feel shorter, […]

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  • One Random Year

    One Random Year

    The concept of the "One Random Year" project is to shoot a one-minute video every day for one year and then edit all 365 videos together to create one six-hour movie which documents one random year of my life.

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  • I’ll be speaking at PodCamp Montreal

    I’ll be speaking at PodCamp Montreal

    This Saturday, September 11, 2010, I’ll be speaking – for the very first time – at PodCamp Montreal, which is an “un-conference” for podcasting and social media enthusiasts and specialists. My talk, titled “The Art World Invades Social Media – How an artist and gallery owner makes the most of blogging, Facebook, and Twitter” (catchy, […]

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  • Limited Editions – now live!

    Limited Editions – now live!

    The reason for my blogging hiatus: it was pedal to the metal time at Art+Culture Editions, where I work liaising with major Canadian artists and art institutions. The website went live a few days ago, and the entire team was busy hunting bugs. The site is awesome, and I can’t believe the artist we’ve got […]

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  • My Corvid Voice

    My Corvid Voice

    I still haven’t quite figured out what to do with Twitter. Facebook I get – I enjoy ‘virtually’ communicating with a curated group of friends and acquaintances. But Twitter – it all seems a bit too spongy. Everyone and anyone can read your tweets. And the Twitter bird has a limited vocabulary – 140 characters […]

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