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  • Dancing in the Street: Le Continental XL at the FTA

    Dancing in the Street: Le Continental XL at the FTA

    You know it’s summer in Montreal when festival season kicks in. Not that it’s been all that summery lately with temperatures hovering in the teens and that never-ending rain (I actually put the oven on to heat my apartment last week), but the word “festival” evokes memories of free concerts, sweaty crowds, and mangoes on […]

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  • Inflatable Deities at Visual Voice

    Inflatable Deities at Visual Voice

    It’s a psychedelic dream. My gallery has been transformed into a giant 1970s album cover, complete with day-glow colours, black light, and a pile of vintage TV monitors. I allowed the Inflatable Deities (Jessica Mensch and Emily Pelstring) free reign, knowing that the best art happens when you allow artists to do their thing. Emily […]

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  • Déjà at the MAC – Like Visiting Old Friends

    Déjà at the MAC – Like Visiting Old Friends

    This is the perfect summer show. The MAC (Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal) has raided its storage rooms and selected over 100 artworks from their permanent collection to create the contemporary art survey titled Déjà. Curator Josée Bélisle has done a spectacular job organizing the works into nine distinct segments which read like chapters in […]

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  • My New Theme Song

    My New Theme Song

    About two weeks ago I made my way out to Eastern Bloc to see my friend Jennifer sing with the Maha Choir. The choir is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and to mark the occasion they organized the Generation Maha event which included participatory art installations, a photo booth by Krissi Campbell, and a live portrait […]

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  • 1 Day

    1 Day

    On April 30th, 2011, the CBC celebrated their 75th birthday with the 1 Day project. The idea was for people all over Canada to take a video and help create a unique 24 hour portrait of Canada, from midnight to 11:59, coast to coast. For the 1 Day project I took 12 seconds of video […]

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  • Dancing with Sasha

    Dancing with Sasha

    Following the advice of a friend I’m now going to post a “minute of the week” each Monday, rather than randomly posting a minute throughout the month. And this is my favourite minute of the week by a long shot! On Sunday I went to a fundraiser dance class at Sala Rosa with my friend […]

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  • One Random Year: March (short version)

    One Random Year: March (short version)

    One Random Year continues… I’ve just uploaded the video summarizing the month of March. Also, you’ll notice that I’ve change my blog’s format. I just don’t have that much time to write anymore, so for the moment I’ll focus on images and short notes, just so I can share anything interesting which comes up in […]

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  • One Random Year – January (Short Version)

    One Random Year – January (Short Version)

    Well, it’s up: the short version of the One Random Year, month of January is now available on YouTube. httpv:// For this YouTube version every day in January has been cut down to a 5 second video clip instead of the full minute which can be seen in the final version. Some segments feel shorter, […]

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  • One Random Year

    One Random Year

    The concept of the "One Random Year" project is to shoot a one-minute video every day for one year and then edit all 365 videos together to create one six-hour movie which documents one random year of my life.

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  • Transfer Magic with Melanie Matthews

    Transfer Magic with Melanie Matthews

    What a great way to spend a Sunday: up to my elbows in acrylic gel, a bit of Quinacridone orange stuck in my hair, and learning all about Image Transfer techniques from artist Melanie Matthews. Melanie is employed by Golden Paints and gives a variety of workshops on how to use Golden products. This was […]

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